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WeChat Pay Global Access Service Guidelines

1. What payment products does WeChat Pay offer for overseas merchants?

Quick Pay

Quick Pay means that a user shows his or her payment code in WeChat Pay to the cashier, which the cashier scans to complete the payment.

QR Code Payment

Merchants generate their own individual payment collection QR code. Users open WeChat to scan the code, confirm the amount, and make the payment after passing the security checks.

In-App Payment

Users make purchases in merchant apps using WeChat Pay.

Web Payment

Users use WeChat's "Scan" feature to scan a payment code generated by a merchant on a web page to make a payment.

Mini Program Payment

Users pay for goods or services in Mini Programs created inside WeChat.

Official Account Payment

Merchants can communicate with users on WeChat through Official Accounts. Once a merchant has opened an Official Account and enabled the payment feature,

users can pay for goods and services inside the Official Account.

2. Which overseas countries/regions support WeChat Pay ?

As of May 31, 2022, 68 countries/regions (in addition to mainland China) are supported Asia:Hong Kong (China) , Macao (China) , Taiwan (China) , Japan , South Korea , Cambodia , Malaysia , Thailand , Myanmar , Philippines , Laos , Singapore , Vietnam , Indonesia , Nepal , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Maldives , Qatar , United Arab Emirates , Israel , Kazakhstan , Mongolia Europe:Denmark , Finland , Iceland , Norway , Sweden , Austria , Belguim , France , Germany , Ireland , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Switzerland , United Kingdom , Bulgaria , Croatia , Czech , Poland , Romania , Russia , Slovak , Hungary , Greece , Italy , Portugal , Spain , Malta , Turkey , Estonia , Serbia, Monaco , Gibraltar North America:USA , Canada South America:Argentina , Brazil Oceania:Australia , New Zealand , Fiji , Vanuatu Africa:Egypt , Kenya , Morocco , South Africa , Mauritiu

3. How Merchants Access WeChat Pay?

Overseas merchants have two ways to access WeChat Pay:

  • Integrated with WeChat Pay:Currently this access mode is only available in Hong Kong and Britain.

  • Through local WeChat Pay institutional partners.At present, this access mode can be used in all areas where WeChat Cross-Border Pay is available, and it is also the main connection method of WeChat Cross-Border Pay

Application Conditions

  • Business Registration Certificate, ID certificates of Directors, Main Contacts and Legal Representatives.

  • Industries must be compliant with all the applicable laws and in accordance with WeChat Pay Requirement.

4. How do institutional partners join WeChat Pay? How to cooperate?

A licensed financial institution can enter into an agreement with WeChat Pay to become an overseas partner of WeChat Pay and provide merchants with acquiring services to allow them to receive payments via WeChat Pay.

  • Merchant Development: Acquire merchants and allow them to receive payments via WeChat Pay.

  • Technical Services: Provide merchants with technical support (hardware/software) necessary to use WeChat Pay.

  • Operational Support: Manage the registered merchants in comply with local laws and regulations and WeChat Pay's requirements and provide operational support.

  • Funds Settlement: Transfer the funds settlement from WeChat Pay to merchants.

Application Conditions

  • Business Registration Certificate, Financial License, Anti- Money Laundering Questionnaire, ID certificates of Directors, Main Contacts and Legal Representatives.

  • Industries must be compliant with all the applicable laws and in accordance with WeChat Pay Requirement.

5. What is the settlement currency and settlement cycle of WeChat Pay?


  • Settlement mode: Based on the settlement mode in the agreement.

6. WeChat Pay API docking precautions?

  • Merchant Onboarding :WeChat Cross-Border Pay offers two cooperation modes, namely, the direct mode and the institution mode.

Institutional partners have two ways to apply for sub-merchants:

  • Institutions can log in to the merchant platform and enter the Institution interface to complete the onboarding of sub-merchants.

  • use the onboarded sub-merchant API to complete the onboarding.

  • Funds Distribution:WeChat Pay Global also provides merchants with order funds distribution capabilities:

  • Funds Distribution product need to be signed and accessed separately.

  • The receiver account can be a merchant's domestic WeChat account or a personal balance account.

  • The maximum proportion of funds for distribution that can be retained at home for a single transaction is 30%. Transaction funds can be distributed up to 50 times and up to 50 parties each time.

  • Funds-distribution can be initiated within 0 to 180 days after the transaction is completed.No platform service fee is charged for the funds-distribution service.

  • Key Steps

  • Mark transaction with "funds-distribution" Before a merchant transaction, call the API to mark it with "funds-distribution", indicating that the transaction will subsequently be subject to the funds-distribution function.

  • Merchants adding receivers.Before calling funds-distribution Request API, the merchant needs to add a receiver and submit relevant documents to prove the relationship of the funds receiver for compliance verification.

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