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Welcome to Bambooft

Payment Specialist - Bamboo Fintech

After a month of busy work, our overseas website is finally completed. Bambooft is a global Technology Leading Pan-Financial Provider,Bamboo Fintech make our mission as “Inclusive Financial Services”and support our partners to built a “Robust and Rapid System” with powerful functions including Digital Banking, eWallet, payment, clearing and settlement, Marketing etc.

IDEA Banking - Innovative · Digitized · Efficient · AI

With complete product planning capability, strong technology development capability and excellent product design capability, building a Digital banking service system to provide efficient, convenient and secure financial services for individual and corporate users via mobiles.

eWallet - Quick payment tools online and offline

eWallet supports the entire spectrum of digital payment, including purchasing, money transfer, remittance, utilities payment, mobile top-up. Our solution also consolidates by the easy-to-manage back office platform, enforce the operators in boosting customer experience.

BamBooft's achievements

BamBooft is a very high quality global payment service provider with over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, dedicated to the research and practice of pan-financial information solutions, and strategic partnerships with over 200 leading companies, with a daily transaction volume of 200 billion.

Payment service area

BamBooft has contributed to the development of business all over the world with excellent product value, outstanding technical ability and sincere service spirit , which contribute to various industries such as Digital Banking,finance, automobile, real estate, tourism, energy, retail, supermarket , health care and so on.

Looking forward to hearing from you

BamBooft really enjoys discussing payment issues with you, providing professional payment solutions to assist you in building a "powerful and fast payment system", if you are interested, subscribe and follow me, looking forward to hearing from you!

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